South African languages proportionally represented by font size (in millions of South Africans) and grouped by greeting. *Data: Statistics SA

For people: Learning to say Hello to every South African you'll meet is as easy as learning 8 new words. Click on any of the language resources below to learn more about that language.

For businesses: English documents reach less than 10% of the population in their first language. Translating your documents into the 3 most prevalent South African languages, will reach more than 5 times more South Africans, in their home language. For more details head to our home page or drop us an email.

Language Resources:
isiZulu (Zulu) isiXhosa (Xhosa) Siswati (Swati)
isiNdebele (Ndebele) Sesotho (Sotho) Sesotho sa Leboa / Sepedi (Northern Sotho),
Setswana (Tswana), Tshivenḓa (Venda) Xitsonga (Tsonga)
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