Precise Afrikaans Translations for a Range of Industries across South Africa

From educational textbooks to community and clinical documents, our expert translators seamlessly connect you across South Africa from Cape Town to Pretoria with iiTranslation's precise Afrikaans translations. Unlock South Africa's potential today!

Reach Afrikaans Speakers Across South Africa

From bustling Cape Town clinics where crucial health resources empower underserved communities in Afrikaans, to the northern classrooms of Gauteng where meticulously crafted textbooks unlock new worlds of knowledge for students, iiTranslation stands as a bridge across South Africa's diverse linguistic landscapes. We empower healthcare professionals to reach vulnerable populations with accurate and culturally sensitive medical translations, ensuring clear communication and better health outcomes. In Gauteng we fuel academic success for Afrikaans-speaking students through precise textbook translations across a range of subjects. Whether it's bridging the medical or unlocking academic potential, iiTranslation connects communities one precise translation at a time.

Afrikaans translations reach people across many of the major cities in the Western Cape, such as Cape Town and Stellenbosch, through to Pretoria and surrounding cities in Gauteng.

Afrikaans in the Digital Age

From digital radio stations and magazines to engaging social media campaigns, Afrikaans is flourishing online. Our team of expert translators stays ahead of the curve, immersed in contemporary trends and diverse media formats. Whether you're crafting a website that resonates in Pretoria or developing in-car technology for GPS directions in Afrikaans, we seamlessly integrate your content into the diverse digital landscape people experience daily.

Translation Expertise for All Sectors

Our Afrikaans translation services cater to diverse audiences across key industries:

  • Bridging Healthcare Gaps: Foster trust and understanding between medical professionals and Afrikaans-speaking patients with our dedicated medical translations. We translate clinical trials, research papers, and patient education materials with cultural sensitivity and precision, empowering informed decisions and improving health outcomes.
  • Education & Growth: Close the knowledge gap with curriculum translations, educational resources, and training materials that resonate with Afrikaans-speaking students and educators. Ensure clear communication and academic success across all fields.
  • Connecting Communities: Empower Afrikaans-speaking fishers and coastal communities with accurate translations of community newsletters, fishery regulations, safety protocols, and sustainability resources. Foster clear communication, informed decision-making, and responsible practices for a thriving future.
  • Legal and Government Precision Translations: Legal translations demand unwavering accuracy and meticulous error checking for binding documents like contracts, official forms, and government publications. We ensure your message is conveyed flawlessly, upholding all legal and regulatory requirements.

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At iiTranslation, we believe in the power of Afrikaans to build bridges, spark understanding, and unlock South Africa's full potential. Our translators understand the nuances of the language, from formal registers to regional variations, ensuring your message resonates deeply and fosters meaningful connections. Whether you're empowering communities with vital information, building trust with healthcare documents, or engaging your audience in their mother tongue, iiTranslation stands with you. Let's unlock the potential of Afrikaans together.

Email: Copy to Clipboard (You can attach any documents you would like a quote for or send us a sample of the text and the word count). Our team will get you a precise quote within five minutes during office hours from Monday to Friday.