Translation Services for Cape Town: Connect with Your Local Audience

In the city of Cape Town our translation services typically centre on NGO, academic, and medical documents translated into Afrikaans and isiXhosa. Our team specialises in delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations, helping you bridge the language gap and achieve your communication goals effectively in any South African language.

Magnify Your Reach in Cape Town and the Cape Provinces

Welcome to our translation services page for Cape Town where we put you in touch with the two million Capetonians who speak Afrikaans or isiXhosa as their home language.

For community-specific documents, translating into either language will potentially more than double your audience, reaching more than twice as many Capetonians in their language of choice across the city. Unlike Johannesburg or Pretoria, almost all of Cape Town can be reached with just two additional local languages. Accurate and informative translations show respect for local cultures and opens doors to deeper connections with Cape Town communities. It allows you to share your story and values with more people, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

The most requested languages for translation in Cape Town are Afrikaans and isiXhosa. These languages also reach South Africans throughout the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces.

As we specialise in just the 11 South African languages, we can also help you reach communities in the rest of South Africa. Find out more on our home page or visit our FAQ page to see which languages are most prevalent in your province.

Professional Translations for Local Industries

We specialise in providing high-quality translation services for the city's major sectors. These include:

  • Translations for Medical and clinical trial documents such as ICFs, information leaflets, parental consent and screening.
  • Academic documents and translations for university materials, department websites and community outreach programmes.
  • Legal translations for all sectors of the South African economy and a range of industries.
  • NGO community newsletters that reach specific local towns and settlements across South Africa in clear and accessible language.
# Language Percent Population 2011
1 Afrikaans 34.9% 1 305 269
2 IsiXhosa 29.2% 1 092 088
3 English 27.8% 1 039 727

Translate for Cape Town and Reach a National Audience

By translating your content into isiXhosa, the second most spoken language in South Africa, you can also reach a broader national audience. With over 8.2 million speakers across the country, isiXhosa is particularly prevalent in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces.

Similarly, Afrikaans, the third most spoken language in South Africa, connects you with approximately 6.9 million people nationwide. It's widely spoken in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Northern Cape, and Free State provinces.

# Language Percent SA Population 2011
1 IsiXhosa 16.3% 8 154 258
2 Afrikaans 13.7% 6 855 082
3 English 9.8% 4 892 623

Our Commitment to Quality and Cultural Sensitivity

We understand the importance of accurate and culturally appropriate translations that resonate with your target audience. Our translators ensure that your documents are linguistically and contextually translated, effectively conveying your message while respecting the nuances of language and culture.

Connect with Cape Town: Get Your Quote Today

Bridge the language gap and share your message with Cape Town communities. Or reach any part of South Africa in the most spoken languages of the province.

Email: Copy to Clipboard with the languages you need translated and your deadlines.

If you include your document(s) or let us know the word count, we should be able to get you a personalised quote within five minutes during business hours.