Translation Services Johannesburg

Translation services for the city of Johannesburg range from annual reports for business to SLPs for the mining sector. Get your regional documents expertly translated into isiZulu, Sesotho, Setswana - or any of the official South African languages.

Translation services in Johannesburg 2022

We are a well-established translation service provider offering all-round translation support for the 11 South African languages. With a long history of quality delivery to local and international medical, mining and nonprofit organisations, we have built a reputation for our expert translations of high-level documents. For more information on what we do and our past and present clients, or for an assessment and quotation, head to our home page.

The most requested languages for Johannesburg are isiZulu, Sesotho and Setswana. Our translation services cover all 11 South African languages.

Johannesburg's languages

The four most spoken languages in Johannesburg are isiZulu (23%), English (20%), Sesotho (10%), and Setswana (8%). The 2011 national census estimated the city's population at 4.4 million people.

Get your message across in Johannesburg. A project's spend on their English language version, layout and publication can reach a much larger audience in Johannesburg and neighbouring Ekurhuleni and Emfuleni.

# Language Percent Population Johannesburg*
1  IsiZulu 23.1% 1 024 445 
2  English 19.8% 878 096 
 Sesotho 9.5% 421 309 
4  Setswana 7.6% 337 047 
Data Statistics South Africa: City of Johannesburg

Reach a national audience

Translating media into isiZulu, South Africa's most spoken language reaches just under a quarter of the population at 24%, roughly 12 million first-language speakers as of the 2011 census. The language has a massive impact on all major cities in KwaZulu-Natal (78%) and a fifth of Gauteng (20%), the two most populated provinces in South Africa.

Translating media into Setswana, South Africa's sixth most spoken language reaches about 8% or four million first-language speakers (2011) and notably 70% of the North West province.

# Language Percent Population South Africa
1  IsiZulu 23.2% 11 587 374
2  English 9.8% 4 892 623
4  Setswana 8.2% 4 067 248
 Sesotho 7.7% 3 849 563
Data Statistics South Africa: Census in brief (2011) PDF

Translating media into Sesotho, South Africa's seventh most spoken language reaches just under 8%, four million first-language speakers (2011). Notably it is also the first language at 90% of Lesotho's 2 million population. It will reach more South Africans in the Free State where 65% of the population speak Sesotho as a first language.

English speakers only make up 9.8% of South Africa's population. When translating into isiZulu, Sesotho and Setswana you will be reaching an additional 39% of people in their home language. This is approximately four times more South Africans countrywide.