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With over 10 years’ technical translation experience we have developed a team of highly qualified and experienced translators for all 11 official South African languages. We work with international organisations in the pharmaceutical, business and social sectors with a reputation for delivering quality work, on time. For our contact details and more information on our working process visit our home page.

We have included a quick guide to the four most spoken languages in Pretoria below.

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The four most spoken languages in Tshwane are Afrikaans (48%), English (16%), Northern Sotho (Sepedi) (8%), and Setswana (5%). The 2011 national census estimated the city's urban population at 3 million people.

English speakers account for only 9.8% of the South African population. When translating into Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, and Setswana you will be reaching an additional 31% of people in their home language. This is approximately three times more South Africans countrywide.

  Language % Tshwane/Pretoria*
1 Afrikaans 47.7% 1 393 550
2 English 16.4% 479 124
3 Sepedi 8.0% 233 719
4 Setswana 5.4% 157 760
  Language % South Africa**
1 Afrikaans 13.7% 6 855 082
2 English 9.8% 4 892 623
3 Sepedi 9.3% 4 618 576
4 Setswana 8.2% 4 067 248


Census 2011: First language demographics South Africa: Afrikaans, Northern Sotho and Setswana
*Statistics South Africa Census 2011: Tshwane population 272 921 488
**Statistics South Africa Census 2011: South African population 51.7 million


Pretoria in context

Pretoria, also called Tshwane, is the administrative capital of South Africa. This makes it one of the most important cities in South Africa, itself the 25th most populous country in the world. South Africa is a partner in the influential BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) alliance and the major political, economic and developmental force on the African continent. Despite being only the fourth largest city in South Africa, much of the country’s educational, scientific and diplomatic infrastructure resides in Pretoria, lending the city an outsize influence both domestically and in regional and international affairs.


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