Reliable Translation Services in Pretoria for Sepedi, Afrikaans and Setswana

Looking for a reliable translation agency in Pretoria? Look no further than iiTranslation! We specialize in Sepedi, Afrikaans, Setswana and the official South African languages, serving government departments, businesses, and individuals with accurate, certified translations.

Local Language Services for Pretoria

Welcome to iiTranslation, your trusted partner for local language services in Pretoria. We understand the importance of effective communication across languages, especially in a diverse city like Pretoria.

Our team of experienced and certified translators is dedicated to providing high-quality translations that are accurate, culturally sensitive, and tailored to your region's specific needs for all South African languages. We work with university qualified, first language professionals for Sepedi, Afrikaans and Setswana.

Pretoria Translation Services
The most translated languages in Pretoria are Sepedi, Afrikaans and Setswana.

With over 10 years of experience in technical translation, we have built a team of highly experienced translators for all the official languages of South Africa. We work with government, local and international organizations with a reputation for delivering quality work, on time. Our areas of expertise cover in-demand business, legal, medical, mining and educational documents.

Languages We Translate

While English is spoken as a first language by less than a tenth of the people living in Pretoria, our focus is on the three most prevalent languages. These are Northern Sotho / Sepedi (19%), Afrikaans (18%), and Setswana (15%). Other languages that are often requested are Xitsonga and isiZulu (8% each). IsiNdebele and Sesotho speakers also account for 5% each, all having significant reach in the region.

# Language Percent Population 2011
1 Sepedi 19.4% 562,600
2 Afrikaans 18.4% 533,600
3 Setswana 14.7% 426,300
4 English 8.4% 243,600

Bridge the language gap in Pretoria and share your message with local communities in Sepedi, Afrikaans, and Setswana. We're also ready to help you reach any part of South Africa in its most spoken languages.

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