Legal Translation Services for South African Languages

Providing expert legal translation services across South Africa. From government documents to contract translations, we ensure accuracy and compliance in all your legal materials.

Specialised Legal Translations

Welcome to our legal translation services focusing exclusively on the 11 official languages of South Africa. What distinguishes us from other translation firms is that we only work with local languages and have a specialised legal translations team and quality control we run for each of the respective languages.

All are qualified, first-language translators with the requisite legal expertise and experience. Our stringent quality control processes guarantee that your translated document mirrors the tone and content of the original, devoid of any errors in semantics, spelling, or grammar.

Legal Translation of Zulu document
IsiZulu legal translations typically run 25% longer than the original text as they will offer explanations in accessible language for complex English legal terminology.

Each legal translation we deliver is accompanied with a certificate to sign off on your translator's formal qualifications and experience, as well a record of our QC checks taken to ensure compliance with international translation standards.

Government Documents

Government documents encompass a wide array of materials, ranging from strategic plans and policy guidelines to legislation and regulations. These documents hold significant importance in various sectors, guiding decision-making processes and shaping legal frameworks. PAIA manuals, official documents, and court documents are also vital components of governmental operations, often requiring precise translation to ensure clarity and compliance.

Documents: Strategic Plans, Policy Guidelines, Legislation, Regulations, PAIA.

Legal Translation of a government document

Business & Corporate Documents

Businesses rely on a plethora of documents to facilitate operations, manage relationships, and ensure legal compliance. From employment contracts to financial reports, accurate translation of business and corporate documents is essential for effective communication and adherence to legal standards. These documents include employment contracts, fees policies, application forms, lease agreements, and company manuals, among others.

Industry Specific Documents

Certain industries require specialised documentation, often containing technical terminology and industry-specific regulations. Medical documents, such as clinical trial documents, demand precise translation to ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance. Similarly, environmental documents like EIAs and property agreements in industries such as mining necessitate accurate interpretation to mitigate risks and ensure legal conformity.

Contract & Agreement Translations

Contracts and agreements form the backbone of legal relationships, outlining rights, obligations, and terms of engagement between parties. Informed consent forms, joint submissions, and various contractual agreements require meticulous translation to uphold the integrity of legal arrangements and facilitate clear communication between involved parties.


The legal landscape often presents a diverse range of documents that defy categorization into specific sectors. From deed of trust amendments to plea bargain statements, accurate translation of miscellaneous legal documents is paramount. Legal correspondence, including letters and emails, as well as workshop materials, require precise interpretation to ensure effective communication and legal compliance.

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