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Engage over 2.5 million Siswati speakers in South Africa and Eswatini. iiTranslation delivers professional, culturally-attuned translations that bridge the language gap. Get clear, contemporary versions of your business, legal, and educational documents.

SA's 9th Most-spoken Language

Siswati, often referred to as Swazi or Swati in English, is predominantly spoken in Mpumalanga province, which shares a border with Eswatini. It is an official language in both South Africa and Eswatini. Notably, Siswati holds significant influence in Mpumalanga's Ehlanzeni District Municipality, where 55% of the estimated one million population speak Siswati as their first language. As of the 2011 national census, there are nearly two and a half million home language speakers of Siswati.

Siswati Translation Services
Siswati translations only reach 3% of South Africa, however they reach over a quarter of Mpumalanga and all of Eswatini.

Why Choose iiTranslation for Your Siswati Translation

We go beyond simple language conversion. Here's how:

  • Linguists who breathe Siswati: Our translators are cultural experts, they live in Mpumalanga. They ensure every nuance resonates with your Siswati audience as it is spoken in their community.
  • Deep industry knowledge: Whether legal complexities or educational concepts, our team tailors translations to your specific domain for maximum impact in the context in which your documents are sed.
  • Quality that's unwavering: We employ multi-layered quality checks, exceeding industry standards, so you receive flawless, polished Siswati translations. We are happy to demonstrate our in-house, MS-Word spelling checks.
  • Clarity that cuts through: We prioritize clear, concise language, ensuring your message resonates powerfully with your Siswati target audience.
  • Human expertise, always: We don't work with machine translations, relying solely on skilled linguists for accurate, contextual, culturally-sensitive interpretations.
  • Official certifications at your request: We verify the translation QC process, translator qualifications, and experience with formal certificates for complete peace of mind on any government or university project.

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Unleash the power of Siswati in Mpumalanga: Our native-speaking linguists seamlessly blend linguistic expertise with in-depth audience understanding. This results in culturally-attuned translations that foster clear, impactful communication with your Siswati audience. Experience the difference professional, accurate Siswati translations can make for your business or organization's success

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