Reach Millions in the Free State and Gauteng with Precise Sesotho Translations

Speak directly to over 5.5 million Sesotho speakers in South Africa. iiTranslation delivers accurate, culturally-aware translations for businesses, legal documents, and more. Connect with audiences in Mangaung, Matjhabeng, Emfuleni, and Johannesburg!

Bridging the Language Gap in the Free State and Gauteng

Sesotho, spoken by millions of South Africans in the Free State (65%) and Gauteng, is crucial for connecting with local communities. We offer expert Sesotho translations for all your needs, ensuring your message resonates in Mangaung, Matjhabeng, Emfuleni, and Johannesburg. From legal documents to academic and educational materials, we bridge the language gap with culturally-sensitive translations that build trust and understanding. Our translations are meticulously crafted by human experts, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance. We prioritize readability and understanding, ensuring that the essence of your message is preserved in every translation. Additionally, we offer formal certification services, providing you with official documents that attest to the accuracy and authenticity of our translations.

Sesotho Translation Services
Sesotho translations reach millions in Mangaung, Matjhabeng and Emfuleni as well as being a major language in Johannesburg.

Nuanced Sesotho Translations That Have an Impact

We go beyond simple word-for-word translations. Our team of Sesotho translators understands regional nuances and cultural contexts, ensuring your message resonates deeply.

  • Meticulous process: Experienced translators, tertiary qualifications, and zero reliance on machine translations guarantee accuracy and accessibility.
  • Readability and understanding: We prioritize clear, enjoyable translations that effectively convey your message and engage your audience.
  • Formal certificates: Upon request, receive certificates validating our commitment to quality and showcasing translator expertise.

Eliminate Language Barriers in Healthcare

Seamless communication between medical professionals and Sesotho patients starts with culturally accurate translations. Empower patients to understand diagnoses, treatment options, and make informed decisions with our medical expertise. Leverage our team of healthcare-specialized translators for exceptional accuracy in Sesotho community medical terminology.

Unlocking the Potential of Sesotho Learners

Break down language barriers and empower educators and students to thrive in all fields with our curriculum translations that read in clear and accessible language. Our educational materials are meticulously checked and edited and resonate deeply with Sesotho speaking teachers and learners alike.

Standard Government and Business Legal Translations

Legal translations are a standard request for Sesotho. A minimum of ten years of government or parliamentary practical work experience, as well as formal academic qualifications is often required for high-level legal documents and some government publications.

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