Xhosa Translation Services

Where educational materials, community newsletters, legal documents and medical ICFs previously dominated the isiXhosa translation industry, the language is increasingly translated for web, apps and video.

Xhosa translation 2023

Textbooks, community information leaflets and standard legal documents previously made up the bulk of translation requests. However isiXhosa is increasingly used to access websites, localize apps and dialogue in video. Google Search has been available in isiXhosa since 2005. In 2018 the language reached a global audience with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's hit, Black Panther.

South Africa's second most-spoken language

Xhosa Translation Services

IsiXhosa is South Africa's second most spoken language at 16% of the population, approx. 8.2 million, with a further 11 million identifying it as their second language. The language reaches a large audience at almost four-fifths (79%) of the Eastern Cape and a quarter (25%) of the Western Cape provinces.

Additionally, isiXhosa is functionally understood by isiZulu, Siswati and isiNdebele speakers, which share similar words and grammatical structure. International readers may compare this to the mutual intelligibility of Portuguese and Italian, and South Africans to that of Southern Sotho (Sesotho), Northern Sotho Sesotho sa Leboa (Sepedi) and Setswana.

Contemporary isiXhosa translations

Our English to isiXhosa translations follow the latest orthography, often opting for contemporary usage over the formal style, where this best serves your readership. We understand that translations only accessible to other translators do not engage the community. A style that balances an adherence to grammar and spelling, and uses language as our colleagues and relatives would easily understand produces the best translated documents.

Every translation we work on is undertaken by a 1st language, qualified translator who will have a minimum of 10 years experience. We are a purely human translation service and we do not use computers to recycle previous translations. Rather we use MS Word's in built isiXhosa spellchecker to thoroughly check all our translations. We are able to formally certificate our documents with your translator's qualifications and QC with final grammar and spelling checks.