Mining & Environmental Translations

Mining and environmental translations focus on balancing business interests with long-term local community development and preserving South Africa's ecosystems.

Mining - SLPs

In the mining context Social Labour Plans (SLPs) focus on job creation, career development and community upliftment. Local Economic Development (LED) initiatives aim to support the host community so that they can directly benefit from mining initiatives. Institutions such as the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) implement Adult Education and Training (AET) and other technical and managerial skills development programs aim to positively impact on the members of the community.

Environmental - EIAs & EIRs

An EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) balances the needs of local communities, their environment and proposed economic developments in that area. They focus on assessing the impact the development will have, both long and short term, and what measures should be put in place to protect people and their environment. They undergo phases in which Interested and Affected Parties (I & APs) are given the opportunity to evaluate and participate in the project (Public Participation).

The social impact of accurate translations

Our services focus on translating these plans and documents into the languages spoken within local communities so that they are clearly understood and invite participation by all affected parties. The creation of wealth is underpinned, in any local context, by the need to effectively communicate with local communities. The results are a clear path to economic development, both regionally and for the country, through an increase in skills and job creation and the eradication of poverty.